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  • Question
    Who can use this pages ?
  • Answer
    Only registrated users ( retailers and wholesailers ) deal with koi or equivalent are able to enter this sites.
  • Question
    I am a privat customer, what can I do ?
  • Answer
    You can contact us by E-mail info@koi-plaza.com, to get some information about guided tours in Japan.
  • Question
    I am retailer or wholesaler, how I can use "Koi-Plaza.com" ?
  • Answer
    The following Flow-chart will show you how to use "Koi-Plaza.com"

Flow サイトご利用の流れ



After you fill in the registration form, we will check you data and create a new user account for you.

Password, User-Id., Login

When your account is created, you will receive your User-Id and passsword. Then you can log in immediatly. The password may be changed in "my profile".

Web catalog and selection

After log in you can look for your favorite koi in a wide range by several individual search criterias. There will be offers of single koi and boxes. The selection will various by seasonable differences.



Koicarps and goods can be ordered online.

Taking on an Order

We will taking on your order by e-mail or fax. Also we will tell your payment and shipping details.

Order confirmation

After a final check of order and billing details, we will confirm your order. We only deliver on payment in advance.



After receive your payment, we carry out the shipping and health documents .

Coustom clearance and veterinarian

Coustom clearance and veterinary proccess will be organized by a third party ordered from us ( several countrys on demmand ).

Receive of shipment

Please check the shipment immediatly for dammage. If you have some claim, please use the complaints form, available on our sites.

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