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Company Profile

  • Company
  • Director
  • Established
  • Adress
  • Share capital
  • Business fields
  • Yugo-imex Co., Ltd.
  • Ingo Kurbjuhn
  • 15 January 2007
  • Hayashi, 1688-15 Geino,
    Tsu-shi, Mie 514-2202 Japan
  • ¥5,000,000
  • Koi Wholesales, Import-Export,
    Consulting, Events


  • May 2001
  • Jan 2004
  • Sep 2006
  • Jan 2007
  • Sep 2007
  • Feb 2009
  • Yugo-imex established ( Import, Consulting )
  • Add events to business fields
  • Exporting Nishikigoi
  • Establishing Nuts & Stars Co., Ltd.
  • Change to Yugo-imex Co., Ltd.
  • Start of "Koi-Plaza.com" - web catalog and shop

Our Philosophy

Our main goal is to connect people from different cultures, and the organisation of the therefore developping movements of goods and meeting points. We see ourselves as an agent or mediator between different point of views, and try to give all involved persons a better understanding and the feeling of both sides satisfying results.

Ingo Kurbjhun


Company Logo Mark

Our company is logo is designed in the japanese and german colours. This two country have an main meaning for our business fields and the owners of Yugo-imex Co., Ltd. The stylish swing of Y and i, completed by the red circle ( of Japans rising sun ) that also imagine the i-point of imex ( import-export ). "Yugo suru" in japanese, means to put together two different things to create a new one.

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